Reasons To Choose A Vacation Rental Over A Hotel Room

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Reasons To Choose A Vacation Rental Over A Hotel Room

15 June 2017
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When you're planning a trip, your choice of accommodation is one of the biggest decisions that you'll need to make. You may naturally gravitate toward booking a stay at a hotel, and there are numerous advantages of doing so. However, it's also a good idea to consider a vacation rental. Such properties are available in many areas — especially if you're traveling somewhere in which there is a large tourism industry — and you may find that you're able to find waterfront vacation homes in your chosen area and with amenities that you appreciate. Here are some reasons to choose a vacation rental over a hotel.

Cost Effectiveness

You shouldn't dismiss vacation rentals as being costly because you often get an entire house or condo. While the per-night rate might indeed be more than a standard hotel, vacation rentals can be highly cost effective. If you're traveling with a group, for example, you'll often find that the cost of your vacation rental becomes highly affordable — and less than a hotel — when you collectively pay. For example, if a hotel room is $150 a night and the vacation rental is $450 a night for an entire house, you only need to split the price among four people to make the vacation rental more affordable than the hotel room.

More Space

One of the biggest reasons to opt for a vacation rental is the surplus of space. A conventional hotel room provides little space for you and your family, while a suite-style room provides a little more. A vacation rental, meanwhile, can provide several times' the floor space of a hotel room. If you rent an entire house or condo, you might have several bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a full kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and even a small yard. This attribute is especially advantageous if you'll be booking the vacation rental with a group.


Vacation rentals often afford you with more privacy, which can be ideal when you're on vacation. For example, if you wish to have a party late into the evening, doing so might not be possible if you're in a hotel room. Neighbors would likely lodge noise complaints against you. In a vacation rental, provided that you follow the rules of the house and respect those in neighboring areas, you have more space and privacy to enjoy your vacation gatherings. For example, in a free-standing house, you don't have to worry about being as quiet as you would in a hotel with neighbors on each side of you.