Holiday Gift Guide For The Avid Marksman, Shooter, Or Gun Enthusiast

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Holiday Gift Guide For The Avid Marksman, Shooter, Or Gun Enthusiast

14 December 2017
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For those people on your holiday shopping list who love to shoot, whether it is for target practice, sheer fun, or competition, your gift-buying options are probably broader than you may think. Even if you don't have the money to buy them a num gun or round of ammo, there are a ton of cool shooting and gun accessories that someone like this is sure to appreciate. get out your holiday shopping list and take note of these awesome gifts for the marksman, shooter, or gun enthusiast in your life so you can rest assured what you give will leave them pleased. 

Smart Tactical Hearing Protection 

Protecting the ears during firing is always a concern for avid shooters. Some guns can sound off so loud during firing that it can leave a shooter with temporary or permanent hearing damage. If you really want to give a gift a shooter will appreciate, go for a modernized set of tactical hearing protectors. Smart versions of these protectors have the ability to adjust accordingly to the environment and the decibels of certain shots to provide absolute protection during shots. To make these smart ear protectors even more impressive, some double as earphones with Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music. 

Gun Parts Replacement Kits 

If you know what type of guns your gift recipient uses most often, you can offer them a nice gesture in a gift by providing them with a gun parts replacement kit that is catered to their preferred gun models. These parts replacement kits contain all of those little bits and pieces that are commonly misplaced during gun disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance. A few examples of the parts these kits tend to have included are firing retainer pins, springs, and stock screws, all of which are easily lost and simple to replace as long as you have the parts. 

Fingerprint Trigger Locks

Gun safety is a huge concern for most gun owners. While most avid gun enthusiasts will keep their guns secured, buying trigger locks for every firearm they have can get expensive, so gifting them trigger locks is always an appreciated thing. Fingerprint trigger locks are a step up from a combination and keyed trigger locks. These advanced locking mechanisms allow the gun owner to configure the lock to the only release when their finger is pressed against the reader, which is a highly secure way to keep guns from being used by just anyone. 

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