Three Reasons To Use A Ground Blind Over A Tree Stand

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Three Reasons To Use A Ground Blind Over A Tree Stand

18 January 2018
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One of the things that can keep deer hunting from ever being dull is the ability that you have to hunt in a variety of ways. Many deer hunters opt to track their prey, while others sit in a tree stand set up in a specific area and wait for their prey to wander by. Another option that you may not yet have experienced is hunting from a ground blind. Blind hunting is common when you're hunting fowl, but can also be suitable for hunting deer. Here are some reasons that a ground blind can be preferable to a tree stand for deer hunting.

It's Easier To Access

Although veteran hunters usually have little trouble getting in and out of their tree stands, this process can be a bit daunting for those who are newer to hunting. There's also an element of danger with accessing a tree stand, and each year, hunters are injured by falling because of faulty harnesses or because they fail to focus on safety. When you opt to hunt deer from a ground blind, you simply need to crawl in and out of the structure, which anyone can do.

It's Suitable For Two

Often, you'll want to hunt in close proximity to another hunter. In such a scenario, hunting from a tree stand can be difficult. Although some tree stands are technically large enough to accommodate two people, this isn't always the case. When you're stuck in a tree for hours at a time, the last thing you want to experience is feeling more cramped than you already are, and this is often the case when you have a partner in the tree stand with you. You can build a ground blind to whatever size you wish, making it much easier for a partner to hunt from the blind with you.

The Viewing Angles Can Be Better

One of the challenges of hunting deer from a tree stand can be getting a clear shot. Unless you've set up the tree stand in a perfect location, tree trunks and branches may get in your way. This can mean that you'll occasionally see your prey, but won't feel confident taking a shot because your window of opportunity is extremely small. When you set up a ground blind, you can build it at the edge of a field or overlooking a small valley, which means that there won't be any obstacles in your way.