Are College Scouts Looking At Your Teen? What To Start Doing Now To Prepare Them

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Are College Scouts Looking At Your Teen? What To Start Doing Now To Prepare Them

1 March 2018
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If your teen is starting to grab the attention of college athletes and you don't live in an area with sports programs that are highly renowned, you may not know how to go about getting them in peak condition. You want them to be the best that they can athletically, so that they can continue to progress and development, and so they can continue to strive. Although your teen may have coaches for their different sports, it may be time to get your own personal trainer. Here are some of the things to consider doing now.

Physiological Testing

With a physiological testing program you can find out if your child is as strong, conditioned, prepared, and ready for the next level as they need to be. This type of testing will allow you to see if your teen's heartrate is appropriate during the activities that they are performing, and what they need to work on. Get an appointment scheduled, such as with Plan 7 Coaching, to get this testing out of the way so you can take it with you to your trainer.

Hire a Trainer

You want to find a professional sports trainer. This isn't someone that went online and got a certification to become a trainer in a local gym, but someone that went to a four year university to study sports medicine. You can list where your teen needs to be at with weights, speed, endurance and more, and then they will set up a customized program just for them. The trainer may have a conditioning and agility class you guys can drop in on to see if the professional fits with your teen.

Keep Things Right at Home

What is going on at home is important when it comes to developing a student athlete. Make sure that your child is:

  • Seeing a physician annually
  • Getting the proper nutrition in their diet everyday
  • Resting as needed
  • Taking care of their body

You don't want your teen to be trying to regulate workouts without the nutrients and fuel that is necessary, or without enough rest. Make sure you are doing your part as a parent.

If you think that your teen has what it takes to play the sport that they love at the collegiate level, then you want to start doing all of these things to help get them there. Each professional can give you more insight, and you want to make sure their high school coaches know they want to play at the college level.