Three Ways To Roast Your Favorite Game Meats

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Three Ways To Roast Your Favorite Game Meats

16 March 2018
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Few things make more satisfying meals than savory roasted meats, and many people find that their satisfaction with these meals is even greater when they're made from game they've caught themselves by hunting or fishing. Following are three great ways to roast your favorite game for the family table. 

Roast Duck 

Roast duck is considered to be a more elegant dish than turkey or chicken and is often reserved for special occasion meals. However, a dinner of roast duck makes even ordinary days into festive occasions. Just make sure you plan your dinner for a day when you've got plenty of time, because it takes more than three hours to properly roast an average sized duck. Enjoying the aroma of the duck while it's roasting is part of the process of a good roast duck dinner, so find something relaxing to do during the time the duck is in the oven so you can savor the scent to the fullest. 

A classic roast duck preparation method is seasoning it with ginger and orange zest, but you can also simply rub it with olive oil and sprinkle rough salt and cracked black pepper over it. Some people like to cut tiny slivers in the flesh of the duck and insert garlic slices. Whatever you decide to do, season the duck the night before you plan to roast it and leave it in the refrigerator overnight to bring out the depth of the flavor. 

Roast Venison 

Roast venison is another super-savory game dish that's best left for weekends or other days when you've got plenty of time. A good way to enjoy this is to prepare a simple marinade using red wine, crushed garlic, thyme, ground allspice, and olive. Marinating this overnight saves time on the day you plan to roast it as well as optimizes the flavor. Browning the meat in the skillet after sprinkling it with Kosher salt and cracked black pepper. An average sized venison shoulder will take about four hours to roast, so sit back and watch the game or a couple of your favorite movies and enjoy the tantalizing aroma. 

Roast Salmon 

Unlike the options listed above, roast salmon is ideal for weeknights or other evenings when you don't have much time. All you have to do is brush a salmon filet with olive oil, sprinkle it with salt and pepper, and roast it for about 15 minutes. 

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