3 Things In Branson, Missouri You Must Do And Why

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3 Things In Branson, Missouri You Must Do And Why

26 March 2018
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If you are headed to the heartland of the U.S., and you are swinging by Missouri on the way, you should make a stop in Branson. Self-dubbed "the live show capital of the country," there is always something happening. There is much more than that to Branson, too. Here are three things in good ol' Branson, MO that you must do, and the related reasons why.

1. A Live Country Show

Branson's country shows are what put this city on the map. Everyone from Dolly Parton to John Denver to Charlie Daniels has performed here, and/or will be performing here again. (No, John Denver will not, but a spot-on tribute band will!) Pick a favorite country music star and swing on through Branson at the time that singer is in town. Be sure to wear you boot stompin' cowboy boots, as some of these country music shows tend to get a little rowdy.

2. Table Rock State Park Campgrounds

Even if you have a slight aversion to sleeping outdoors, you might want to make an exception for camping out in the Table Rock State Park campgrounds. That is because the campgrounds are nestled between two mountain ranges. You will get two beautiful views of the sun over mountains in the morning and at night. Spend just one night so you can get pictures of a mountain sunrise and a mountain sunset. (Then you never have to camp again, promise!)

3. Table Rock Lake Fishing

A Table Rock Lake fishing guide points you to the best spots on the lake to fish. This lake is not only HUGE, but it is also a man-made lake. The immense damn on one end blocks and reroutes the water from the White River. Without the damn and the lake, the down-river watershed would completely overwhelm the banks and flood the area for weeks. The river's excess creates the lake, and all of the fish that would normally wash down-river are swept into the lake.

If you stay to fish the lake, you will not have to pay for the one hot meal of fish you catch. Since you are probably trying to save money on your road trip anyway, stopping to fish and then eating that fish will help your travel budget. Who knows? You might even find the fishing relaxing and fun, which is initially why you planned on taking a road trip right now anyway.

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