Consider A Scoped Handgun Before You Buy It

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Consider A Scoped Handgun Before You Buy It

12 April 2018
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A good rule of thumb when you're buying a handgun is to have a clear vision of how you intend to use it. Upon assessing the reason, you may be thinking about adding a scope to the gun. A handgun with a scope might seem a little unusual, compared to mounting a scope on a rifle, but many gun owners favor different types of scopes on their pistols and revolvers. Some handguns take scopes better than others, which means that if you're shopping for a new handgun and anticipate mounting a scope to it sometime in the future, testing a scope before you complete the purchase is a good idea. Here are some reasons that you might want a scope for a handgun.


While rifles and shotguns are more synonymous with hunting, many people have fun using handguns for this pastime. A small-caliber handgun can often be effective for hunting varmint, for example. Even if you buy a handgun with good sights and you take a lot of time to practice, you won't regret having a scope. A scoped handgun not only gives you a better chance of hitting your prey but also increases the likelihood of striking the animal in the intended area for a humane kill.

Target Practice

Target practice with a handgun can be a lot of fun. A small-caliber handgun, such as a .22, allows you to do a lot of shooting without a lot of pain from high recoil, as well as without the activity costing a lot of money in ammunition. While it can be entertaining to shoot targets using only the sights of your handgun, a scope will immediately improve your aim and allow you to execute shots that you'd likely have trouble making without the scope.

Home Defense

When it comes to defending yourself with a firearm, you'd be unlikely to carry a scoped handgun concealed on your body, given its bulky nature. However, keeping a scope on a pistol or revolver that you keep for home defense can be a worthwhile and potentially a life-saving investment. Should you face an intruder in your home and be in a situation in which you need to pull the trigger, a scope on your handgun will give you increased confidence in being able to make the shot you need — whether it's a shot to incapacitate or to kill — without harming anyone in your family. 

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