Planning A Rafting Vacation? Helpful Tips For A Better Trip

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Planning A Rafting Vacation? Helpful Tips For A Better Trip

7 May 2018
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Whether it's a trip for the whole family or something special to celebrate a milestone, such as a college graduation or landing that great new job, a rafting tour can be a great choice. Filled with lots of outdoor fun and the excitement of white-water rapids, rafting tours are an excellent way to enjoy nature, while testing skills and building confidence. If you are considering a rafting tour for your next vacation or a special celebration, here are some tips to help you make it a trip to remember. 

Confirm the dates

Because rafting tours use experienced guides and have limited spaces available, they are often booked far in advance. In some areas, there may even be a lottery system to allot available spaces. So when planning your rafting tour, it is important to contact rafting tour companies early and arrange to book spots for you and each of your companions. 

Study the river 

Once you have booked and confirmed your rafting tour, the next step will be to spend some time studying the river you will be rafting. Rivers used for rafting are typically mapped, with each section of rapids being given a specific classification based on their difficulty. However, these classifications are subject to sudden changes in the degree of difficulty, depending on the depth of the water, season of the year, and the amount of rainfall or snow melt that feeds the river. 

Train your team

Unlike most other types of vacation, a rafting tour will involve physical skills and activity that can be difficult without proper preparations. To prepare your team, start by forming a cohesive group and choosing a good candidate to act as your team leader. 

In addition to helping you organize the details of the trip and helping with preparations and training beforehand, the team leader will need to be able to guide the group when on the water. Because of this, whoever is chosen for team leader will need to become intimately familiar with the route and degree of difficulty for the entire raft tour. 

To get answers to specific questions about rafting tours or for assistance in booking or planning your tour, contact a raft tour company in the area where you plan to tour. These professionals will be able to assist you in understanding the physical and mental demands of white-water rafting to make sure it will be the trip of your dreams. 

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