Make Your Next Party A Sports-Themed Party

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Make Your Next Party A Sports-Themed Party

8 August 2018
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If you're planning a birthday party, then you might want to consider making it a sports-themed one. If you or your loved one is a sports fan, you can create all kinds of sports-related decorations and motifs based on a favorite team or sport. Sports-themed parties are great for all ages, including kids, adults, and the whole family. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Choose a Sport for the Theme

Though you can make it an all-round sports-themed party, if you or your loved one is particular about a certain sport or team, then it's best to go that route. If there's no absolute favorite, then try choosing a sport that is in season at the time of the party.

Make Sports-Related Props

Set up the food table with a sign that says "concessions" and serve food in similar packaging or utensils that one would get if they were eating at a game. Other ideas include dividing up alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages into divisions or sports-related terms such as "Eastern or Western Division" or "Rookies and Old Pros." Use tags and signs with sports lingo to back up your theme.

Include Foods Closely Related to a Sport

For example, baseball is associated with hot dogs and popcorn and football is associated with tailgating and barbecues. Make sure the cake and/or desserts are also related to your theme. Your cake could represent a basketball court, baseball diamond, or football field. There are even cakes and cookies shaped as actual basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and baseballs.

Host a Costume Party

Suggest that your guests dress up as their favorite player or wear their favorite team's jerseys. Encourage people to be creative and even silly. The idea is to have fun and promote self-expression. Have people vote on their favorite and offer a prize for the one with the most votes.

Have Your Guests Play Games

Play a game related to your theme, though it doesn't have to be a full-blown version. For example, you can set up a goal post and see who can kick the ball through them from the furthest away. You can also set up races, bean bag tosses, or even string up a baseball pinata for whacking.

Sports-themed birthday parties are great for sports fanatics and non-fanatics alike. One of the keys to making a great party is to have everyone get involved and play a part. If you are planning a party and need help to make it the best sports-themed party you can, then contact a party planner who does birthday party help set it up. They'll help you get ready for that big day with all the bells and whistles you need.