2 Mistakes That Keep Axis Deer Away From You While On Your First Hunting Trip

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2 Mistakes That Keep Axis Deer Away From You While On Your First Hunting Trip

15 January 2019
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If this is the first year you are going hunting for axis deer, you may be excited but also worried that you will not have any success. As a result, you are probably trying to read up on the best ways to prepare, as well as work your day to increase your chances of bagging your first trophy deer. However, try not to make the following mistakes that will keep the animals away.

1.  Neglecting to Keep up with Your Personal Hygiene

One mistake you do not want to make that will most likely make the deer run in the other direction is neglecting to keep up with your personal hygiene. You may do this because you heard from friends that hunt or read online that not bathing for a few days before you go hunting helps mask your natural scent that deer can detect.

However, if you choose to allow your body odor and natural body oils build up by not bathing, your efforts will backfire on you. If you do not keep yourself clean, your natural scent will only intensify, making it easier for the animals to smell and steer clear of you.

While you do want to bathe during hunting season, you also don't want to go overboard on perfumed products. Use a simple, fragrance-free soap to wash yourself, and opt for an unscented deodorant to help mask your body odor.

2.  Switching Your Locations Too Many Times During the Day

Once you find a location for your stand first thing in the morning, you may sit there for a few hours without seeing a deer. Because of this, you may be tempted to switch spots, thinking you may have chosen the wrong one. Then, after a couple of hours of still seeing no action, you move again.

If you keep moving, you will more than likely never see a deer. Even if you think you are being quiet while walking around, you are not. Deer can hear the slightest rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs. These noises will alert them that you are moving through the area, and they will stay away.

Avoiding the above mistakes while you are on your first hunting trip can help increase the likelihood that you will get one. For more direct guidance and tips that may help increase your chances of a successful trip, consider booking a few days at an axis deer trophy hunting ranch.