Visiting A Legal Marijuana Dispensary 101: A Guide Of Faqs For First Timers

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Visiting A Legal Marijuana Dispensary 101: A Guide Of Faqs For First Timers

17 February 2019
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Every year it seems a new state goes "green" and makes marijuana a legally acceptable product that can be used for recreational purposes. If the idea of this makes you happy because you've been a long-time fan of cannabis, you probably can't wait to visit the first dispensary. Visiting a legal marijuana dispensary is bound to be a new experience, and it can help to know what to expect. here's a look at some of the more common questions about visiting a legal dispensary for the first time.

What kinds of products should you expect to see?

Most people are completely amazed to see just how many different products are available at a legal dispensary. If you're a first-time visitor, make sure you set aside a good portion of your day for the visit. Not only are these dispensaries popular places and usually pretty busy, but most of them also carry an amazing amount of different products. Not only will you find an array of dried herb, but you will also find things like:

  • Rolling papers, pipes, and other smoking devices
  • Cannabis concentrates in all kinds of forms 
  • Products made from various cannabis derivatives 
  • Edible cannabis products 
  • Collectible merchandise 

Can you try the products in the store?

Even though a lot of states have gone legal, most of them still state that you cannot use cannabis in public or in a public place. Therefore, you are probably not going to find any samples or any product that you can try while you are in the dispensary browsing the different stuff. In some states, there are legal smoke rooms where customers can buy their products and then go and enjoy them kind of like you would go to a bar and buy a drink to have while you are there. However, these places are reserved for the most progressive legal marijuana states. 

How much marijuana will you be allowed to buy?

The amount of recreational marijuana you are allowed to buy at a dispensary will depend on which legal weed state you live in. All of them have their own rules as to how much customers are allowed to buy and possess legally at any given dispensary. For example, if you are checking out a dispensary in Boston, you are only allowed to buy one ounce of herb or five gram of concentrates to stay within the guidelines of Massachusetts state laws