3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A Hookah Diving System

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A Hookah Diving System

18 April 2019
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If you enjoy snorkeling, then you'll love hookah diving. You can think of hookah diving as a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba diving. You can go much further beneath the surface of the water when hookah diving, as compared to snorkeling. However, you don't need to carry a tank of air with you. Instead, you'll have air pumped from the surface through a hose and into your mask. If you'd like to get started hookah diving, you'll need to purchase a system. Here are three questions to ask yourself when choosing your first hookah diving system:

1. Do I want an electric or gas-powered system?

Hookah diving systems use air compressors to push air from the surface into your mask. These air compressors can be powered by either electricity or gasoline, depending on your preference. Electric hookah systems are more environmentally friendly. They can be recharged using any wall outlet, which can cut down on costs over time. However, these units are more expensive to purchase initially. Gas-powered diving systems can run for longer periods of time, but they require oil changes and more maintenance over time.

2. Do I want a boat or floating system?

You'll also have to decide whether you prefer a diving system that sits in your boat or one that floats in the water with you. A boat diving system can allow you to dive in deeper waters since your boat has the ability to propel you further away from land. However, many people may prefer the relative freedom of lightweight floating diving systems. 

3. How many divers should my diving system accommodate?

Next, you'll have to decide how many divers you want to accompany you on your hookah diving adventure. Hookah diving systems can accommodate anywhere from one to four divers at a time. There are advantages and disadvantages to all options. If you dive alone, you'll have greater freedom when exploring since you won't have to stay in range of your fellow divers. However, some people find that they feel safer when diving with others since there are people within eyesight range in case help is required.

Hookah diving is a great experience for ocean lovers. It's a safe and fun way to experience the wonders of marine life below the surface, with fewer barriers to entry than traditional scuba diving. Try this new hobby for yourself by purchasing your own hookah diving system.