Use Voice SEO To Expand Your Recreational Marijuana Business To Older Individuals

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Use Voice SEO To Expand Your Recreational Marijuana Business To Older Individuals

22 May 2019
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Your state just legalized recreational marijuana, and you're excited to get started with your new dispensary. However, you need to make sure that you focus your SEO not only on a youth audience but an older one as well. One of the best ways to expand your customer base is to integrate voice search SEO technology.

Voice Search Will Be Huge

A recent Forbes article declared that about 30 percent of all online searches will be done without a screen and, instead, conducted via voice commands. This fact alone makes voice SEO critical for your marijuana dispensary. However, the likelihood that a large number of non-tech-savvy individuals will use this method is also important for your company.

For example, older and retired individuals with little online ordering experience may use voice search SEO to find your company and your cannabis. These individuals may have a lot of disposable income that they are ready to give to you for high-quality marijuana, much more cash than you might find from younger individuals. Therefore, you need to focus on this market as much as possible.

Recreational Marijuana Has a Huge Marketplace

You may assume that recreational marijuana is a youth market and that your marijuana SEO should be focused on these individuals. While it is true that plenty of younger individuals will buy from your shop, you also need to prepare for older individuals. For example, some people may buy recreational marijuana for pain relief or simply because they enjoy its effects.

As a result, you should try to expand your SEO in a way that appeals to the largest number of people. Content creation is beneficial, but you also need to focus on streamlining your website for older individuals who may not be great with their phone screens. Voice SEO may be the best choice in this situation.

Prepare a Dispensary for Voice Search

The benefits of voice search and its appeal towards an older customer base make it a great choice for your company. Make sure that you properly prepare your site for this technology by following the steps outlined below:

  • Anticipate Questions – Make a database of possible questions your clients might ask – such as what strains are available – and create answers.
  • Integrate a Search Option – Ensure that a simple-to-understand voice search command is integrated onto your hand-held and portable device site design.
  • Utilize Other SEO Techniques – Beyond integrating voice search technology, you also need to make sure that you advertise this technology in your other types of SEO, such as your content creation.

These simple steps can help your dispensary stand out from others on the market. Just as importantly, you can expand your potential customer base beyond those who are very good with their digital devices to those who consistently use voice search. For example, older people may appreciate voice search because they won't have to type to find cannabis strains in your shop.