Coach Little League And Setting Up An Old Ballfield? Use A Netting System

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Coach Little League And Setting Up An Old Ballfield? Use A Netting System

25 February 2021
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If you are a little league coach and the ballfield that your kids practice on is old, you need to make changes. One of these changes is installing a netting system. Below is information on how this is installed and the benefits of choosing this. 

Netting System Installation

You need to hire a company to install your netting system for you as this is a very important part of the ballfield. This is especially true if you are installing a large netting system. The contractor will set up poles on each side and then an aircraft cable runs across the poles. Cable clamps are used to secure the cable runs.

Once the poles, cable runs, and clamps are installed, the contractor will use a turnbuckle to tension the cable. Spring clips are then added to the border of the netting a few feet apart. The actual netting is then secured around the borders of each pole. The netting tension will be checked to ensure it is correct. To do this, the company may have someone hit balls on the netting or use a pitching machine. 

Benefits of Installing a Netting System

The main benefit of a netting system is it provides safety to the people in the stands. This is especially true if the netting is tall enough so balls will not fly over it and get into the stands. Netting also allows people in the stands to see well and still stay safe. This will also prevent balls from hitting buildings that may be close to the ballfield and cause damage. Your pitchers and catchers can warm up without having to worry about injuring anyone.

A netting system also makes your ballfield look good and professional. You can choose netting that is thin, and it can still be just as safe. Netting is also available in a variety of colors. If you like, you can have the netting poles installed behind the stands so the only thing fans will see is the actual netting.  

A netting system can also help prevent you from being sued. For example, if a ball hit someone in the stands and caused a bad injury, they may sue you. If a ball hits a car or a building and broke a window or caused other damage, you may be liable to pay for it.

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