Training Drills To Improve A Baseball Player's Speed

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Training Drills To Improve A Baseball Player's Speed

12 April 2021
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When you think about the need for an athlete to be fast, you might initially think about football or soccer players. The reality, however, is that being fast can help any athlete to excel. In baseball, having more speed can allow a player to run the bases in less time, which could translate into more runs scored for their team. Additionally, fast outfielders will often be able to get in position to catch balls rather than letting them drop and roll to the wall. If your child plays baseball and wants to improve their speed, look for a baseball training academy that offers speed training. Here are some drills that this program can include.

Shuttle Run

The shuttle run exercise is a simple drill that is designed to improve baseball players' speed and explosiveness. There are all sorts of ways for instructors to run this drill, but it typically consists of a series of cones being placed on a field at specific intervals. The instructor will blow a whistle, and the players will dash between the cones. In most cases, the instructor will set time guidelines, which means that the participants need to reach each cone before the instructor blows their whistle again. Continuous dedication to the shuttle run can help a young baseball player to improve their speed, which can translate into better play on the diamond.

Parachute Training

Your child's baseball training academy may also present parachute training to the participants, which can be both fun and challenging. Either indoors or outdoors, your child will wear a harness with a small parachute attached to it. The parachute fills with air when the child runs, which produces resistance and makes it harder to run. This resistance will help your child to build more strength in their lower body, as well as developing better cardiovascular endurance — both of which can improve their speed in baseball.

Strength Training

While the above two drills involve a lot of running, baseball training academies also help players to build their speed through strength training. Depending on the facilities, the instructors may lead the participants through body-weight exercises or exercises with free weights. Squats and lunges, either with or without free weights, can be useful for building leg strength. This is also an exercise that your child can continue to do at home to further develop their leg muscles. Over time, they'll see an improvement in their speed on the baseball diamond through this training.

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