Love Boxing? Here Are Three Arcade Games To Try

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Love Boxing? Here Are Three Arcade Games To Try

22 February 2022
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If you enjoy watching boxing on TV and are seeking a game that focuses on this combat sport, you have lots of options. An arcade game supplier may carry a number of different boxing-related games, which will allow you to evaluate the options and choose a game that you can buy to use in your home. Some boxing arcade games are for one player at a time, while others allow you to compete against a family member or friend for bragging rights. Here are three games that you'll want to evaluate.

Punch Measurement Game

A highly popular boxing-related arcade game is a machine that features a punching bag. You'll step in front of the bag and, when ready, punch it as hard as you can. The machine will measure the force of your punch and display it. You'll find this type of game in virtually every arcade center, but it's also possible to buy for use in your home. You can work hard to set a high score, which will appear on the digital display behind the punching bag, and then invite your friends over and challenge them to see if they can top your score.

Motion Capture Game

Another boxing game that may interest you is a motion capture arcade game. You've perhaps seen dance arcade games in which you stand in front of the machine as sensors pick up your movements to make your on-screen character move in the same way. There are similar games that focus on boxing, which can be a fun way to feel as though you're actually competing. You'll stand on a mat and move your body and hands as though you're fighting. When you throw a punch, you'll see it land on the on-screen opponent. A few rounds of play with this game can work up a sweat.

Traditional Arcade Game

If you want a traditional arcade game that focuses on boxing, you'll have lots of games to consider. These games use a joystick and a series of buttons to allow you to control a character on the screen. Many boxing games of this sort allow you to compete against a friend, but you can also play on your own against a series of fictional and even non-fictional characters. As with other fighting games, you'll learn how to tap the buttons in different orders to unleash punch combinations on your opponents. Visit an arcade game supplier's website to check out these and other games.

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