Useful Surf Plug Bag Accessories

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Useful Surf Plug Bag Accessories

1 June 2022
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Grommets, interior flaps, and clip-on accessories will accommodate your storage needs while participating in an action-packed fishing adventure. A surf plug bag contains multiple storage spaces that are strategically located and will keep all of your essentials together.


Grommets are metal rings that will adequately drain a surf bag that becomes filled with water. A bag that contains grommets that run along the entire length and width of a bag will ensure that your gear does not become waterlogged while you are fishing. In the event that your bag gets soaked with water, simply move the bag to dry land and allow the storage compartments to drain.

Grommets may be sewn along the front, sides, or back of a bag. Some manufacturers may use strategic layouts, which will incorporate both the functionality of grommet holes and a stylish element. A series of silver or gold grommet rings may complement the color or style of a bag.

Interior Flaps

There may be occasions in which you would like to keep plug bait and other fishing essentials within reach. This may necessitate keeping your surf plug bag unzipped. A bag that contains interior flaps will add an extra layer of protection to each storage compartment. Interior flaps that consist of oversized pieces of fabric will fold down over the items that are in your bag. This will protect your possessions from moisture. Purchase a bag that contains an interior fabric type and is waterproof or is designed to dry quickly. 

Clip-On Accessories

D-rings or a lanyard will allow you to switch the manner in which your bag can be secured to your clothing or body. D-rings can be used to secure a surf bag to your belt loop. A lanyard can be used to secure a bag around your neck. Considerations about how heavy the bag will be could influence what type of clip-on accessories you will seek. A bag that will be secured to your waistline or around your neck should be fairly lightweight, once it has been packed with all your essential fishing gear.

Shop for a bag that contains a removable strap, as well as clip-on accessories. This will provide you with versatility. On occasions that will require you to pack a lot of fishing gear, rely upon the strap that your bag came with. On fishing trips that will require you to pack fewer items, use a set of D-rings or a lanyard to transport your bag. Keep these tips in mind when looking for surf plug bags from suppliers near you.