Three Benefits Of A Professional Bike Fitting

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Three Benefits Of A Professional Bike Fitting

6 July 2022
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When you buy a new bicycle, it can be tempting to hop on and take off for a ride. Whether you favor riding on the streets around your home or you want to head off-road for the thrills of hilly terrain, you can expect to have lots of fun with your new bike. It's a good idea to pump your brakes about the idea of riding long enough to book a professional bike fitting. You can often do so at the shop from which you're buying your bike; if you buy your bike online, simply visit a local bicycle shop. Here are three benefits of a bike fitting.

More Comfort

A professional bike fitting will make a number of adjustments to your bicycle based on your body type. The result will be considerably more comfort for you when you ride. For example, if the bicycle's seat is positioned too high or too low for you, you might not be aware of this issue — especially if you're a relatively novice cyclist. The incorrect seat position can result in your body being in an uncomfortable position while you ride. For example, you might have to lean forward more than is comfortable simply to hold your handlebars. After a bike fitting, you can be confident that you'll be able to ride comfortably.

Better Performance

A bike fitting will also improve your performance on your bicycle. Even if you're only a casual cyclist, you want to feel that you're able to get the most out of your bike. For example, when your bike isn't set up correctly, your feet may not sit properly on the pedals. The result may be that you're not able to use the full power of your legs when you pedal — causing you to travel slower than you'd like. The many adjustments that occur during a bike fitting will ensure that you can perform at a high level on your bike.

Less Premature Wear

A bike fitting can also help to prevent premature wear in different areas of your bike. For example, if the seat isn't at the right angle for your body, you may be putting most of your body weight on the front or the back, rather than distributing it evenly across the seat. Over time, this can cause the front or the back of the seat to wear out prematurely, causing you the expense and hassle of replacing it. To learn more about a bike fitting, contact a local bicycle shop.

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