Useful Advice For Those Buying Ice Saws For Spearfishing

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Useful Advice For Those Buying Ice Saws For Spearfishing

9 December 2022
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If you're looking for a unique way to catch fish around the ice, spearing them might be something you look into. This activity requires some important equipment. Perhaps one of the most important tools is an ice saw because it helps you make a hole in the ice where you'll be fishing. Using these tips, you can purchase the perfect ice saw for spearfishing.  

Look for a Foldable Design

Before you start cutting a hole in the ice and then using a spear to catch fish nearby, you first have to travel to your fishing spot. This will be a lot easier to do with an ice saw if you get a model that folds up completely when not in use. It will be compact when it's folded up. Then once you reach the ideal fishing spot for spearfishing, you can unfold the saw and begin cutting an appropriately sized hole that you'll later use to push a spear through. 

Make Sure the Handle Is Pretty Long

You can make it much more convenient to cut into ice for spearfishing if you get an ice saw with a long handle. It should be long enough to where you can stand while cutting a hole into the ice. You won't have to hunch over for a long time, hurting your back and getting cold.

Ice saws have handles that vary in length, so you need to review the dimensions of this part to make sure you target the right equipment for ice spearfishing. It's a simple design element that can give you more enjoyment from this fishing activity.

Go With Durable Blades

There might be some thick sections of ice that you need to cut through in order to ice spearfish. In that case, it's key to have an ice saw with durable blades. Then you'll know for certain it will hold up to your sawing action, even if it goes on for quite a while. Blade durability for ice saws will depend on what this portion is made of. Steel is a solid option because of its ability to resist damage from the elements and impact as well. 

If you plan to ice spearfish, you'll need a good saw to make holes in the ice. You have a lot of saw models to choose from. Shift your attention to those that are made well and make this sawing activity easy to complete every time it's required.

Contact a local ice fishing spearing equipment store to learn more.