Consider These Numbers When You Shop For A Center Console Boat

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Consider These Numbers When You Shop For A Center Console Boat

1 February 2023
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When you start the process of shopping for a center console boat, you can visit a local boat dealer to check out its inventory in person or browse a few dealers' websites to learn more about these vessels. Often, you'll be drawn to a particular make and model of boat by how it looks. While it can be fun to look at different models and think of which might be the right fit for you, you should also research some important details to help you narrow down your options. In particular, it can be useful to consider a handful of numbers as you check out different boats. Here are three specific numbers to think about.

Cruising Speed

When you look at a center console boat for sale, you'll easily be able to find its cruising speed. This is the speed at which you'll move when you're traveling a fair distance. While you may spend a lot of time moving slower than the standard cruising speed, it's important to know what speed the boat is capable of making. A lot of people use center console boats for recreational activities, including pulling people on wakeboards and inner tubes. A higher cruising speed will allow you to make these activities more exciting.


You'll also want to compare the range of a few different center console boats. This is the distance, in miles, that the boat can travel on a single tank of fuel, and varies significantly between models. A lot of boating enthusiasts favor boats with longer ranges, as this means that they can spend more time traveling without having to stop for gas. Think about where and how you'll be using your center console boat. For example, if you envision loading the boat with friends and spending the entire day on the water, you'll want a boat that has a longer range.


The length of center console boats can vary considerably. Thinking about how you plan to use and store your boat can help you to determine what length is right for you. For example, if you expect to keep the boat on a trailer in your driveway, you may find that a shorter boat length works better for you. Longer center console boats tend to have more seating capacity, which will allow you to travel with more passengers. If you're keen on buying this type of boat for getting together with friends, you might favor a longer model.

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