Three Things You Should Do To Your Boat Before You Sell It

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Three Things You Should Do To Your Boat Before You Sell It

4 August 2022
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A lot of boat owners see their vessel as an asset that they can sell should things get a little tough, financially speaking. After all, boats tend to hold their value fairly well, and if you have something more akin to yachts or a luxury boat, then your boat can go up in value over the years. If you do eventually want to sell your boat, then before you contact a used boat company or a private buyer, there are a few things that you should do to ensure you get the maximum value out of your trusty ship.

Get Your Furniture Reupholstered

It doesn't matter whether it's on a dinghy or a luxury yacht, furniture is often the first element of your boat to start showing serious wear and tear. Even with fabric that is designed to hold up against the salty air and water, most pieces of furniture will age far more prematurely than regular furniture. If you are thinking of selling, you should invest in reupholstering your furniture so that it looks brand new, as that will be one of the first features your potential buyers will be looking at and it is something that is very easy to fix.

Fix The Paint

Just like the furniture, the paint on the outside of your boat is prone to aging in the corrosive sea air, and so, if you have the resources, getting it repainted before you try to sell your boat is a sure-fire way to increase your profit margin. The simple fact is that you want to make a good first impression when selling your boat, and even if it is a yacht, if it has chipped or cracked paint, then you are going to struggle to get higher offers than the absolute bare minimum.

Get It Serviced

Just like you have your car serviced on a regular basis, you should make sure that your boat is fully checked out and approved before taking it to a marina to sell it. Everything that you can fix up here will translate to dollars when it comes to selling it, and if you do it yourself, then you save the middle man you are consigning the boat to a lot of work. This is especially true if you know your boat has small issues that only need a mild repair to fix entirely. No one wants to feel like they are buying a used boat, so making it seem brand new is important. 

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